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Vegan Fat loss Coach

I teach people, on a plant-based diet, how to lose fat and improve their health through exercise, nutrition and healthy habits!

Vegan Fat Loss Coach

“Martin is just amazing- very professional, attentive, kind, patient! He has really developed a personalised plan for me; training with him has been one of the best things to happen. Highly recommend this service”.

Shivan - UK

“Working with Martin on my fitness has been great. He has been nothing but encouraging and supportive. He has introduced me to this whole new world of exercise, helping me achieve my weight loss goals and making me realise that there is nothing stopping me from getting fit. I've became stronger, happier, more confident”.

Carly - UK

“A definite well deserved 5 star. Martin is a wonderful coach. Always supportive and works at your pace. Can’t recommend him enough!!!"

Mawu - UK

What to Expect

Vegan Fat Loss Coaching

Online Coaching

per month!

  • Tailored training plan specifically designed for your needs.

  • Professional software used for exercise programming, tracking & progress monitoring.

  • Sustainable nutritional guidance and targets to meet your personal goals - no fad diets!

  • Healthy habit & routine building based upon your goals.

  • Regular reviews of plans and targets to ensure your continued progress. 

  • Monthly video call and weekly electronic check-ins with personal feedback!

  • Dedicated ongoing support.

  • All the accountability you need to achieve your desired results!

About Me.

Hi, I'm Martin,

I am a vegan fat loss coach. I help people on a vegan, or plant-based diet, lose fat and build strength with a health focused approach; reducing the risk of disease and supporting healthy ageing. 

If you struggle with weight loss, find yourself stop starting different diets and exercise programmes and are keen to improve your overall health, I am here to help. 

My method will help you get the results you want and boost your overall well-being. 

I'm a registered Level 3 Personal Trainer with years of experience helping people lose fat and improve their health.  I understand the barriers and obstacles you will face in your journey to health and will help you overcome them!

If you are ready for positive change, complete the 'Apply to work with me' form! ​

Plant-Based Fat Loss Coach

Not sure if I can help? Fill out the above form and lets book a call to find out.

Any questions? Please feel free to email me at - 

Who is this for?

You consume a vegan, plant-based, vegetarian diet or wish to move towards a plant-based diet.

You want to lose weight, lose fat and improve your physique. 

You want to learn how to make a plant-based diet work best for you.

You are committed to improving your health.

You are looking to avoid fad diets, quick fixes and the feeling of starving yourself.

You are ready to feel healthier, fitter and more confident than ever before. 

If this is you - hit the below button now!

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