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Why Resistance Training is superior for fat loss

Updated: Jun 26

It is all too easy to focus on diet and cardio exercise like, running, cycling or swimming when embarking on a fat loss, or weight loss journey, however, for me, resistance training is a must!

Whilst there is most definitely a place for cardio exercise, and I am not undermining the importance of getting our nutrition right when looking to lose fat, but resistance training is too often overlooked to the detriment of long term satisfactory results. Incorporating resistance training into your fat loss program not only enhances your health, but transforms your appearance leading to superior results.

Resistance training for fat loss

Resistance training health benefits include:

  1. Improve insulation sensitivity which allows your body to use glucose more efficiently. This means the body will be better at regulating blood sugar levels which can prevent, and help manage, conditions like Type 2 Diabetes.

  2. Improve cardiovascular health by increasing blood circulation and blood vessel elasticity which may reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

  3. Better Bone and Joint Health Resistance training strengthens bones and connective tissue. This can reduce the risk of injuries and protect against diseases like osteoporosis.

  4. Improves mood and cognitive function. Resistance training releases endorphins which improve mood and are also shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  5. Improve sleep. Your quality of sleep will improve, you will fall to sleep faster and will benefit from more restorative sleep.

  6. Anti-Ageing - not only can resistance training make you look younger, it helps maintain muscle mass as you age which improves, balance and quality of life.

  7. Chronic disease prevention and management. Resistance training helps reduce the risk of many chronic diseases including Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease and some cancers. It can also help manage, and improve the quality of life, of those already diagnosed with many chronic diseases.

The aesthetic benefits of resistance training:

  1. Improved muscles definition and tone. As you lose fat, resistance training helps maintain important muscle mass which provides a more toned, defined appearance that you would be able to achieve with only dietary changes or cardiovascular exercise.

  2. Better posture. With so much time spent sitting and not moving, strength training to build stronger muscles, especially those in the core and back is crucial for improving posture. Good posture makes you look taller, more confident and helps prevent neck and back pain.

  3. Better body composition. Resistance training helps reduce fat, increase muscle mass and provide a more sculpted appearance. Increasing muscle mass helps avoid the thin, saggy look, that is often achieved through weight loss where muscle mass maintenance and improvement isn't a priority.

Why resistance training superior for fat loss?

Resistance training provides sustainable fat loss. It increases our metabolic rate, it is time efficient when well programmed, is easy to progress without having to continually increase the length of your workouts, can be done anywhere and can, and should be done for into and through old age.

Embrace resistance training to not only transform your physique, but your life too.


Health Focused Fitness

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